Boxing Workouts For Physical Fitness


So you are wanting to get yourself into boxing huh? Well you better first get yourself a punching bag before we start any kind of workout. Once you done you can start to prepare yourself for these types of training workouts. Trust me though you best be ready!

Boxing: Are Heavy Bag Workouts the Ultimate Training Method?

If I had to choose between your favorite food such as some ice cream or pizza and some intense heavy bag workouts, I’d prefer the second option every time. Boxing is a lifestyle that has allowed to reach high levels of self-esteem and discipline. Not only does this sport teach you how to get stronger and throw punches at those seeking you harm, but it also boosts your confidence, motivates you to achieve even more and gets you respect from everyone. According to an article on Smartmma.com heavy bag workouts can truly test your limits. 

Anthony Joshua says:” In boxing, it is about the obsession of getting the most from yourself: wanting to dominate the world like a hungry young lion.”. That’s the most accurate thing you can ever hear about this sport.

If you’re a beginner in the boxing sport, you must be confused because of all the workouts the internet has. Don’t worry though, as I’m here to save the day. If I’m to start all over again in this field, I’d chose heavy bag training. But what does this workout have to offer? And are heavy bag workouts as good as professional boxers claim?

First thing first: What is boxing?

Simply put, boxing is a combination of martial arts and combat in which two people fight by throwing punches at each other. The two players must wear their mouthguards and gloves, as this is (obviously) an aggressive sport. Boxing includes teaching you how to fight as well as making you stronger and toning your muscles. Not only does boxing help you your health and fitness, but also in the process you learn and improve your self defense skills.  

An old mentor of mine used to say:” Gyms are for the weak among us. If you want to sculpt every muscle in your body, join a boxing club.” I miss that mentor even though he used to kick my butt every single day. Boxing also gives you a great deal of motivation and confidence. This sport requires dedication, consistency and hard work. If you’re willing to give it what you got, you’re bound to achieve your goals in no time. Remember what Mohamed Ali says:” I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Tell me, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about “boxing”? Let me guess, a boxer, and a punching bag! These great cylindric wonders are a unique characteristic of boxing. Don’t be mistaken though, as non-boxers use them as well because of the significant benefits they have. Are they worth it though? Yes, they are! But only if you purchase a quality one, as some bags won’t your expectations when it comes to punching and kicking. If you’re interested in finding the best punchbags out there, you can check SmartMMA's punching bag buyer’s guides and reviews. Once you go through all of them and choose one that suits your needs and budget, you can start your boxing journey.

How good are heavy bag workouts? 

Once you have your training bag, it’s time to start training, and what’s better than starting with what every trending boxer recommends: a perfect exhausting heavy bag workout? If you’re skeptical about this training method, here’s a bunch of benefits that are guaranteed to make you scream “I want to start training right now!”

Heavy bag workouts sharpen self-defense skills

Let’s be real here; using a heavy bag for your training purposes isn’t that similar to the actual fight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great workout to sharpen your kicks and strikes, but you still need proper movement coordination and dodging skills before you can enter the ring against a real opponent. When you train using a heavy bag, you use a bunch of kicks and strikes that form what we call the fast twitch motor skills.


Heavy bag training is excellent for those who want to turn their jabs and crosses into distressing self-defense weapons ready to knock out any opponent. Even though these movements seem simple, mastering them with precision and speed can be difficult, especially for those just starting out. Heavy bag workouts help in getting the best level of impact training that’s enough to get you to the hitting power of a real champion.

It can help you to achieve your fitness goals

As mentioned above, heavy bag workouts are used by boxers and non-boxers, and that’s because they’re a great way to reach one’s fitness goals, no matter their specialty. This workout can help you build and strengthen your muscles, lose fat and sculpt the body you’ve been dreaming about. Not only that, but it’ll also increase your connective tissue resilience and bone density, thus giving you a stronger and more resistant body that’s ready for any situation. Working out using a punching bag activates all the major muscle groups, starting from your shoulders and arms and going all the way down to your leg muscles.

Alongside strength, you’ll get better athletically, as you’ll have more speed, power, balance, coordination, and precise timing. Given all that, what could you ask more in a workout style?

Forget stress!

What’s the first thing you want to do (but can’t) when your stress levels go high because of work? You want to punch somebody in the face! Since you can’t do that, getting a heavy bag and starting your heavy bag training journey might be your thing.

Once those papers start piling up on your desk, get up, wear your gloves and start punching. After that, get your butt back to work with a clear mind and a stress-free soul!

That’s all?

Of course not, you silly. People don’t call me the “best boxer in Germany” for nothing (Don’t look at me like that, Max Schmeling). Along with the ones mentioned above, heavy bag training has given me many other health benefits which include:

Heavy bag workouts enhance aerobic fitness

Since it’s a workout that involves changing your body’s position constantly, heavy bag training drastically improves aerobic fitness, especially when you increase your punching time. Remember to use several techniques and multiple varieties of the same them to maximize the aerobic benefits.

Get your coordination and core stability to the next level

Boxing has strict rules when it comes to stability and coordination. You’re doomed to lose the moment you lose your balance. For that, punchbags are designed to enhance those skills thanks to transferring your body’s weight from one foot to the other all while being on your toes. Rest assured as a proper heavy bag training guarantees a firm core that represents the best support for your body.

Heavy bag workouts increase endurance and stamina

When paired with aerobic exercises, punchbags are a great way to circulate oxygen throughout your whole body, starting from your heart and lungs. That increases endurance and stamina thanks to an increased oxygen circulation supply.

Power, power, power!

A proper heavy bag workout gives boxers a great deal of opportunities to improve their punching power as they focus on building their muscles and increasing their strength. You can train most of your body’s muscles with this training: shoulders, arms, back, chest, waist, and legs. Personally, I consider any workout that trains both upper and lower body an excellent one. That’s why I prefer heavy bag training over any other workout type. What’s even better is that your upper body will be trained thanks to the fast-thrown punches whether you’re using a double end bag or a free-standing punching bag.

Start developing your boxing techniques

If you’re a new boxer trying to fight your way to the top, you need to develop some personal methods. Unless you’re willing to take a bunch of punches while doing that, you should use a punchbag to achieve that. Just remember to stay motivated and to train regularly and you’ll be able to develop your own boxing techniques in no time. 


Whether you’re a professional boxer trying to sharpen your skills or just an amateur seeking a training technique that can lead you towards being the best champion, heavy bag workouts are guaranteed to take you to your goals if you have a proper mindset and you can practice according to a strict workout schedule.

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